Superscience Behind Menstrual Practice

TEDx KLETECH (Feb 2017)

Our work on Menstruation is unique in that we have adopted a 360 degree view on the subject. We have undertaken extensive work across rural and urban India on all aspects of menstruation, covering Hygiene, Disorders, Cultural Practices and Global Perspectives on MHM in India. Our work can be used to assist governments, educators, NGOs, research institutes, medical professionals, anthropologists, philosophers, and just about anyone interested in this subject. And if you are someone who has always frowned upon your monthly period, you might just find answers to all your silent questions here. Click on any of the below topics, to know more.

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At the Boston Conference on Menstrual Health & Reproductive Justice

(June 2015)

Menstrual Health of India

TEDx MSRIT (Sep 2016)

Menstrual Health

Unwrapping the gifts of Menstruation

TEDx TughlaqRd (May 2014)

An interview on Chai with Lakshmi 

(Dec 2014)

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