The silence on this subject is proof enough that Sportswomen would rather suffer than be looked at as making excuses for underperformance. So, how do we explain why different women, sometimes involved in the same activity, experience menstruation and its impact on their performance, differently?             

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Sports & Menstruation: Exploring Indigenous Knowledge Part 2

How Manu Smriti’s profound understanding of sexuality can counter sexual violence

It is well-known that if we go by ancient rules, The Gayatri Mantra chant is not recommended for the uninitiated and for women. While the rules are known, the reasons are rarely explained. Who can really explain why women have been told not to recite The Gayatri Mantra?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ​ Read More

Indigenous Studies

Sports & Menstruation: Exploring Indigenous Knowledge Part 1

Should Women Chant The Gayatri Mantra?

The Sabarimala Story: Can visiting temples affect menstruating women?

A lot has been written about the recent story of women in menstruating age group not being allowed entry to the Sabarimala temple. The write-ups either point to mythology to reason out the ban or present the feminist’s view of discriminating against women. However, the most pertinent question of how temples affect menstruating women has hardly (mostly, not at all) being written about.  

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Unlike men, who only get to know once the damage has been done, women are given obvious signals early on via menstruation. The knowledge required to identify these early signs of ill health, will give sportswomen an undue advantage in preventing bodily damage and improving performance. Provided they learn how to decode their period.                                                                                               

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By using Manu Smriti as a punching bag for all that we think is wrong in Indian society, we miss out on a tremendous learning and perhaps the only answer we have to tackle the increasing incidence of sexual crime at its root – taming the mind.                                                                                                                                ​ Read More

We first began looking at Indigenous Science during our work on Menstruation. In order to answer the questions posed by adolescent girls about various menstrual practices, we began exploring this subject. Soon, curiosity took over and we started to delve deeper into India's tradition, culture and its deep rooting in Indigenous Science, on issues pertaining to women and health.   

Sinu Joseph has written several blogs as well as articles in other platforms based on this subject. Here are the links to some of her popular write-ups.