Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) across the Globe

The biggest barrier to change is that we predecide solutions, and then problem statements are tweaked to fit the already decided solutions. A look at the work happening in the name of Menstrual Hygiene Management globally will make this amply clear. By deciding that "developing nations" like India and Africa need help in the form of toilets and Sanitary Napkins, the whole subject of menstruation has been put under the head of Sanitation, when in fact it has to do with sexuality and child birth. We, at Mythri Speaks, perhaps stand alone when we challenge this notion of what needs to be done for India when it comes to Menstruation. 

In June 2015, Sinu Joseph was invited as one of the key speakers at the International Conference on Menstrual Health & Reproductive Justice, held in Boston. She presented our work and spoke about the need to re-look at ancient societies like India and Africa as nations needing help and instead look at what could be learned from our long history and indigenous science. We thank Prof. Christina Bobel and The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research for allowing us the opportunity to share our work and speak our mind. 

Here is the video of the plenary that happened in Boston in June 2015. Watch the conversation shift from helping developing countries to learning from them...

First steps at changing a larger discourse.