Managing Trustee

Mission & Vision

We have a simple, but robust mission: to get to the root of every problem that we work on. We do that by working closely with communities and listening to them. At the same time, we make it a point to work with the relevant government departments as well, so that we don't lose perspective of what needs to be done. 


If you have the will, we have work for you. Whether it's conducting sessions on menstrual health, adopting saplings, undertaking surveys, raising funds or helping us document indigenous practices, we need you. And so do communities we work with. To volunteer, write to us at



A significant portion of our work is done on a voluntary basis and we sustain largely on individual donations and volunteer support.  Your support will go a long way in helping us reach out to communities and work on addressing important issues. To contribute, click here


Sinu Joseph

Mythri Speaks was registered as a Trust in November 2014. 

Our Team

Only when we work from our core, do we address issues at its core!




I took to working in the social space as a means to find an expression for all that I wanted to do. What started off as a small exploration of the social space through volunteering at a government school, soon turned into something I couldn't stop doing. The more I worked in villages, the more I realized that our villages are treasure houses of wisdom, ingenuity and solutions. Solutions that work, from people who know how to work with their hands. There is much to learn, and much to do. My team-mates and the diversity of work that they brought in taught me that it is not so important whether we work on women's issues or waste management or rural development....what is important is how deep we are willing to go to find answers.