Woman & Child

From menstrual & reproductive health, to violence against women, we strive to help women empower themselves. 

Mythri Speaks works on issues, keeping in mind an exit plan. You will find that our work is deeply grounded in action learning and is unique in its deep & comprehensive understanding of issues.  We define problem statements based on our extensive work on ground. We leave no stone unturned, and delve deep into India's history, culture and scientific understanding to find answers to complex problems. 

Indigenous Studies

Studying & documenting India's cultural practices, ancient science and the relevance of it in today's scenario. 


Swachh Bharat initiatives in villages, waste management in cities, safety of Sanitation workers, and Sapling Plantation Drives are some of the issues we are working on.  

Rural Development

As part of Adarsh Gram Vikasa, we have recently taken up work with 25 gram ppanchayats and village volunteers on integrated development. 

Our Mission

"We can use issues to sustain ourselves for years together, or, we can get to the root of the problem and address it once and for all."